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Restructured Files & Folder System


I have redone the folder structure and the file structure to get it up to modern standards.

The new folder structure:
styles (MyBB uses cache and images folders system, IceBB will use styles folder to make theme engine dev easier for style creaters)
uploads (user uploads will be stored here)
uploads/avatars (user avatars will be stored here)
plugins (IceBB will use a plugin install system, plugins will be stored in plugins folder to make it easier for plugin developers)
inc (inc directory will hold classes, apis for openid login, modules)

File Structure changes:
config.php -> inc/config.php (we can't keep the config un root directory)
includes/databases (db engine classes) -> inc/classes (db.php files are considered classes)
inc/styles.php (styles engine)
inc/init.php (We will use init.php to include icebb.php engine and other needed stuff)
inc/modules/tinymice (Yes, IceBB will use tinymice to utilize the wysiwyg feature for a better editer style)
index.php (will have more code in it, we wont rely on one file to handle everything for IceBB, no more index.php? base url)
modcp.php (Yes, moderation tasks will finally be supported)
usercp.php (better seo)
** All additions will be announced for IceBB 1.0 Alpha 1